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Paulding County Baseball Rules


All leagues will abide by the 2018 Dizzy Dean rulebook, with the following Paulding County exceptions:

1)      Leagues:

a.       Each league will elect a President, Vice President and Secretary.

b.       An Advisory Board Member will be assigned to each League, being responsible for overseeing administrative functions of the League.

2)      Rainouts: Home team head coach is responsible for rescheduling rainouts. At that time, the home coach will offer two dates. The visiting coach will forfeit the game if they fail to choose between one of the two dates. At the time the home coach contacts the visiting coach, the visiting coach must decide on which game time to use within 24 hours. Failure to do so will result in the visiting team to forfeit the game. If the home team backs out of the agreement, then the home team will forfeit the game unless a new agreement can be made with the visiting coach. 

a.       Any game that cannot be rescheduled due to a bereavement issue by either team will be asked by the Advisory Board to reschedule game at the earliest convenience. Any disputes can be brought before the Advisory Board for resolution.


NOTE:    The Advisory Board does not condone forfeitures.

3)      Forfeitures: If the visiting team needs to forfeit a game for any reason, the visiting team must give notice to the home team at least 2 hours prior to the game.  If the visiting team fails to give the 2 hour notice, then the visiting team’s park will split the umpire cost for that game with the home park. The splitting of cost does not apply for forfeitures that take place after a game has started (for ex: the visiting team drops below the 8 player minimum).  The Advisory Board does not condone forfeitures.

4)      Rosters: All leagues will certify rosters for all age groups prior to the start of season games, at a time and place set by the Baseball Advisory Board. Any Advisory Board Member may certify any team roster, except from their Park. Any additions to rosters after the County Certification date must be brought to the Advisory Board for approval.

a.       Advertising & Try-outs: Any team that directly advertises for players or holds try-outs is not eligible to play in Dizzy Dean games and will not be certified by the Advisory Board for county play.

b.       FALL BASEBALL:  PCBAB has defined a new Season as beginning Sept 1st.  Subsequently, PCBAB will use the age deadline defined by Dizzy Dean in the upcoming spring season.

5)      Chin Straps: Chin straps are mandatory for ages 3 – 8 yrs old.

6)      BATS: A batter who attempts to bat with an illegal bat should be directed to change to a legal bat and no out shall be recorded.  Any batter who completes an at-bat (either resulting in a hit or a walk) with an illegal bat will be deemed an out and removed from the bases.  All runners will go back to the base they were at. 


7)      Mercy Rule:

a.       Tball/Farm: Mathematical elimination will be used.  If a team is mathematically eliminated using the 7 run per inning rule and the remaining number of innings (time limit should be considered in determining the number of innings left), then the game will be ended at that point.

b.      Minor and up:  Mercy rule will be 12 runs after 3 innings, 10 runs after 4 innings, 8 runs after 5 innings

(the home team does not bat in the 4th if they’re leading by 10 or more runs at the end of 3 ½ innings).

8)      Playoffs: The Baseball Advisory Board will review the format for final approval after a league vote by coaches. 

A.)  FORMAT:  PCBAB has set all playoff formats to be 2 game pool / single elim Bracket

B.)  COST:  PCBAB has set cost to be $130 for 6u and 8u, and $200 for 10u and 12u

C.)  AWARDS:  PCBAB has set awards to be for 1st and 2nd only for cost as defined in rule 8B

9)      Scorekeeper: The home team will be the official scorekeeper.

10)  All Communities: Will play Dizzy Dean baseball during the regular and post season play.

11)  Umpires: Each community will be responsible for providing umpires at their fields. At least one umpire calling a game must be Dizzy Dean certified.

12)  Protest: Protests of games or appeals of warning and suspensions: All must be brought to the Advisory Board member for that community, in writing, accompanied by a $50.00 fee, within 72 hours of the incident. The member will then inform the Chairman, who will then set a hearing date. All concerned parties will then be informed within 72 hours of the hearing. If the party protesting or appealing wins, the $50.00 fee will be returned. If they lose, the fee will go the opposing park.

13)  Grace Period: 15 minutes for the first game only and it counts toward the time limit.

14)  Start of an Inning: An inning begins as soon as the last out is made in the bottom of the previous inning.

15)  Game Time: If there is game time left, upon completion of the inning, then the next Inning must be played

16)  Tie Rule: Games will officially end in a Tie at the end of the Time Limit or at the end of the last completed inning after time expires. Then at the end of the 1st half or the end of the Season if the Game which ends in a Tie comes into play, the Dizzy Rule for pool play, in Common Rules will apply. Best Record – Head to Head Competition – Runs Allowed – Runs Differential – Runs Scored – Coin Toss.


18)  Certification: Head coaches and all assistant Coaches must be NYSCA certified or will not be allowed to coach in county play.  The Baseball Advisory Board recommends that all communities also perform a background check on all coaches.

19)  Baseballs: For county play the baseballs do not have to be stamped Dizzy Dean.

20)  Line-ups & Substitutions: All Teams must bat their roster present for the game and have free substitution in the field.

21)  Minimum Players: Teams will be allowed to start the game and complete the game with eight (8) players.

a.       Players Leaving Early: If at any time a team drops below eight (8) players the Umpire will declare the end of the game.

b.       Tardy Players: Any player or players who arrive once the game has begun may assume their spot in the field and be added to the bottom of the batting order, as the “bat your roster” rule will apply

c.       Sick/Injured Players: If at any time a player cannot take his/her turn at bat it is recorded as an out.  If the head coach declares the player medically unable to participate in the remainder of the game then no additional outs will be recorded for that player.  Players declared out of the game may not return to the game.

d.       Official Line Ups: Line ups become official when exchanged at the home plate meeting.

22)  All-Star Teams:  Any team made up of recreational players that will represent Paulding County in District, State or World All-Star tournaments is governed by the Paulding County Baseball Advisory Board (PCBAB) and must abide by the rules and regulations of the PCBAB and are also subject to disciplinary action as set forth by the PCBAB.  The PCBAB will certify all “All-Star” tournament teams prior to District, State and/or World Tournament play.

a.       Coaches and/or players that have had disciplinary action taken against them may be deemed ineligible for All-Star participation by the PCBAB.    

League Amendments to Dizzy Dean Rulebook

1)      Tiny Tots (ages 3/4):

All players will play on defense

PCBAB strongly recommends that all defensive players play in normal defensive positions.

No defensive player may stand closer to the plate than the distance to the front of the pitcher circle ( 41’)

All players will bat in each inning

There will be only 2 innings of play or time limit whichever comes first. Bottom of the inning will be completed.

All batters will hit off a tee.

No catcher is needed.

No score will be kept.

There are no umpires

Games will be cancelled if temperature is below 50 degrees.

Base path will be 60’

No R.I.F. balls will be used.

Runners advance one base at a time. The bases are cleared by the last batter of the inning

The batting order reverses each inning

2)      Farm 5-8 yrs old

No stealing.

There will be 10 players on defense with 4 outfielders.

No head first Slides – Runner is out

3)      Minors:  9-10

No head first Slides – Runner is out

If the pitcher is in motion and fails to continue through his motion when the batter shows bunt – a Balk will be called, and Runners will advance.

There will be a maximum of seven (7) runs per team per inning.

4)      Freshman: 11-12

There will be a maximum of seven (7) runs per team per inning.

5)      Sophomores: 13-14

Batters must use a -3 bat (the weight of the bat must be no more than -3 from the length of the bat –

for example: a 30 inch, 27 oz. bat is a -3 bat and is legal for play.  A 30 inch, 25 oz. bat is a -5 bat and is not legal for play for this age group.

There will be a maximum of seven (7) runs per team per inning.

6)      Time Limits:

Tiny Tots – 1 hour

T-Ball – 1 hour 15 minutes

Farm – 1 hour 30 minutes

Minors – 1 hour 45 minutes

Freshman - 1 hour 45 minutes

Sophomore - 2 hours

7)      Bat Rule:

 Approved bats for Paulding County baseball

     - Bats must meet 1.15 BPF bat standard and must possess the manufacture’s certification     stamp (1.15 BPF).

    - Also bats with the USA Baseball manufacture’s certification stamp are approved for league play.

8)  Pitching / Required Rest Rules:

(Revised 8/16/2018)

Pitch Count and Required Rest Limitations League

Daily Max (Pitches)

Required Rest (Pitches)

Required Rest (Pitches)

Required Rest (Pitches)

Required Rest (Pitches)



1 Day

2 Days

3 Days

4 Days


































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